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At a time of continued speculation in regards to the affect of the recession over a quantity of European holiday destinations, the Mediterranean archipelago of Malta is the latest country to receive negative predictions inside press. According to predictions produced by , whilst the united states has seen an increase in visitor numbers over the last number of years - stimulated by inexpensive flights and cheap deals - bookings could fall by as much as 20 % in '09 unless we see a rush of bookings of last minute holidays.

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Respect their culture Many countries in South America have become conservative and also this must be respected. If you're invited out to dinner then don't wear board shorts plus a singlet, a collared shirt and jeans are usually fine. Don't start ranting about your political ideologies to someone you've just met and be very careful discussing their history, i.e. Pablo Escobar and Che Guevara. It is very easy to offend those people who are as patriotic as most South Americans. Talking about football can bring about a quarrel, as can the topic of money. If speaking Spanish or Portuguese then address taxi drivers and generally people you've just met inside formal tone.