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Qilu Hospital is situated at the 107 West Road, Jinan City: 250012 and is also a respected hospital in Jinan. This giant general hospital is governed by the Ministry of Health. It is also a famous medical education and research center. The hospital has 1800 beds and is also today's medical care facility that gives the best health care to a single,974,000 patients annually (this number is extracted from the outpatient section alone). Qilu Hospital is affiliated to Shandong University and was established in 1890 and received its present name in 2000. Qilu Hospital has academic exchange and association programs exceeding 20 renowned healthcare facilities and universities in a variety of countries. The modern surgery department at Qilu Hopital has sections in all branches including thoracic, pediatric, bone, laparoscopic and hepatobiliary surgery. The emergency department at Qilu Hospital is the best inside province and possesses emergency triage, medical and surgical wards as well as an operating room with 100 beds with an emergency pharmacy. Tel: 0531 -82,169,114Apart from the pandas as well as the upcoming polar bears, this attraction now offers a flock of penguins, a snow dome, as well as a large selection of exotic wildlife that you will have to do considerably less queuing up the way you should do with the pandas. Short elephant rides can be found, and you can get up close and with giraffes, and others; vibrantly colored peacocks roam freely throughout the complex for the viewing pleasure-and that is the tip with the iceberg: the zoo's sheer size isn't for nothing after all, and you may spend all day every day walking down and up until you are footsore with no seen everything. What is a lot worth a stop is the Aquarium. Opened in 2008 still it has that shiny newness to much of it, and boasts of being the largest aquarium in all of Southeast Asia: located in a land measuring 4 acres, the aquarium building takes up an impressive 13,925 square meters of space. The tunnel is 133 meters altogether, and is also one from the longest aquarium tunnels on the planet.

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One of the other great things about Malta is its small size, making it very easy to sample all of its delights. If sea-based activities don't take your fancy much, the united states is additionally the place to find numerous UNESCO-listed Megalithic temples. Ä gantija, around the northern island of Gozo, is recognized as one of many world's oldest man-made structures and dates from around 3000BC. The structure actually contains two separate temple structures which is said to are already built by giants.